Case Study: Adaptive Insights

When Adaptive Insights reached out to Turn Two Communications, it faced a common challenge.

The fast-growing company had a strong suite of products, but it was having a difficult time showing potential customers why it was the best choice for professional services software.

To help Adaptive Insights stand out from its competitors, Turn Two partnered with the  company create a content-marketing strategy that aimed to show its expertise and bolster its reputation.

We approached the work by identifying key audiences: senior level executives, mid-level leaders and decisions makers, and financial practitioners who were seeking advice on how to do their jobs more effectively. From there we developed SEO-optimized blogs, case studies, and e-books, and infographics -- all of which positioned Adaptive Insights leaders as experts.

Key to the strategy was developing a stream of ghost-written blogs under the banner of “Ask Adaptive” that shared advice and insights in the voice of subject matter experts. We also created engaging e-books for lead generation. To download these e-books, readers were asked to join the company’s email list. 

The result was significant increase in the company’s web traffic, stronger SEO placements, and ongoing positive feedback from the sales teams that relied on the content to engage prospects during every phase of the business development process.